HPV: Human Papillomaviruses: Images, Signs, Diagnosis, Treatments, Vaccination Safety, Cancers, Pregnancy

“Although, your health condition may impact your everyday life, do not let it define who you are.” This book covers pertinent information and can help you with your condition. Inside this textbook, you will be able to learn the following: (1) general information about HPV, (2) how infection is being transmitted, (3) how to talk to your partner about your condition, (4) the images of genital warts, (5) about infection of HPV in men, (6) about oropharyngeal cancer, (7) about cervical cancer in women, (8) free or low-cost cervical cancer screening and follow-up tests, (9) how HPV causes infections, (10) the available treatments for HPV infections and associated health problems, (11) how to prevent the disease, (12) about the available vaccines and their safety, (13) when not to take vaccination, and the (14) on-going research on HPV infections and their treatments. Thank you and may you have a very good understanding about HPV. I wish you good health, and as always…be well!

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