The idea is simple

The idea is simple … backstory begins with some boaters enjoying themselves, some teenage punks get out of hand and accidentally run over 2/3 of a family (dad and one kid killed … one kid survives). Cut to the present and there is ONE DERANGED MOM sending two kids off to camp for the summer. Turns out one of the kids is the surviving daughter (Angela) of that accident. She’s quiet as all hell … but DAMN, that mom is messed up in the head. The scene winds down with the kids getting themselves for camp, but I mean that mom is SERIOUSLY on drugs or something. Damn, that was one messed up mom.

Kids eventually escape to camp. Angela is effectively a mute. Her brother sticks up for her. The fellow chick campers are all bitches. The camp counselor, Meg, in addition to being a real hottie, is the biggest bitch in the world. On the male side, there’s this one guy who tries to hit on Angela and even gets her to start emitting words.

People continually pick on Angela, the cook at the camp even tries to get her alone in the kitchen for a little adventure. He’s the first to die, courtesy of a very tall, very full stock pot full of boiling water. Fill in the blanks … you can see how that one ends up. The camp owner is a very protective type … protective of his camp. So whenever someone dies, it becomes a test to see how well it can be covered up.

Kids just get killed one by one in this flick. It’s all fairly predictable. The only real question is who’s doing the killing. You think its Angela, or maybe her overprotective brother … or maybe that kid who wants to get with her. Or … who knows … maybe its the camp owner. In the end, its Angela. But there’s a little extra surprise in all of this. Angela is a dude. Betchya didn’t see that one coming, did ya?

Apparently, when she kills her … er, his … love interest, she stands up screaming at the witnesses and she … er, he … is left standing on full display in a full Crying Game moment. It’s all very odd. I know its supposed to be scary, but its not really.