Your Cervix Just Has a Cold: The Truth About Abnormal Pap Smears and HPV

Every day millions of women present to their gynecologist for their annual Pap smear exam. And everyday millions of women are diagnosed as having an abnormal result, HPV, or both. While there is a vaccine that may help reduce the incidence of an abnormal Pap smear result the statistics are still staggering: over 50% of the global population has HPV (that is known) and over 20 strains of precancerous HPV exist, all causing problems on a woman’s cervix. If you are one of those women, you need Your Cervix Just Has a Cold.

Dr. Gowey discusses very clearly what an abnormal Pap smear result means and all your options for treatment. She believes HPV is not the cause of an abnormal Pap, it is actually various lifestyle and environment factors that are and that you can do something about both if you’re fully educated. She quotes clinical trials, case studies and her own research in documenting that you can heal from the effects of HPV, that indeed, Your Cervix just Has a Cold.

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